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Shatter  by  Shyanne Belzer

Shatter by Shyanne Belzer
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PrologueGreat adventures and life changing events are rare in life. So rare that the average person never probably has one. Instead life is full of hard decisions and change. Life is full of hardship that are masked out by the rare happiness.

Anyone that tells you otherwise is probably lying.My life seemed fairly average. I wasnt popular, but I wasnt the lowest of low in school. I was simply overlooked. My family was normal. No divorce or abuse or whatnot. A happy family that ate dinner together and had a simple pattern of life.

I had a dull job as a coffee shop barista, a job Id had for two years. Nothing super exciting. The most interesting thing about me was a past I had no memory off.Id been adopted as a baby. Abandoned in a house. No reasons, no warning. My mother and father had apparently been the most normal people, from what my birth grandparents had told my adoptive parents at a hearing. Good jobs, welcoming neighbours, loving parents. Always nice and cheerful. That always sounded suspicious to me.

Id seen plenty of movies and read plenty of books to know that no one is that perfect unless they held the deepest secret ever. Like that they were secretly ax murderers or scientists with the ability to make you into spider man or whatever else there is. And clearly they had a secret because they disappeared one day and left me all alone in my crib. When a neighbour didnt see them at all one day they became suspicious and came to check. When no one was home they were about to leave when they heard me screaming.

I was only six months. One year later I was adopted. Other than that past, I was average. Life wasnt easy but it wasnt hard.Then Jefferson Hale walked into my life.And no, this isnt some soppy story about love and a boy. Jefferson Hale was a 24 year old guy who walked in and was the key to my parents. And his appearance forced me from average person with a life of hardships masked by happiness that is average life and into the rare great adventure full of so much more.When Annas life is thrown into turmoil by the revealing of her part in a secret organizaiton, she has to learn fast how to survive and steel herself against the pain that is to come.

She has to become what she was always meant to be.With her life shattering around her, Anna has to try and save a group of people she doesnt know or risk a world war being started.

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