Loves A Bitch 2 Lashonda Devaughn


Published: April 29th 2015

Kindle Edition

213 pages


Loves A Bitch 2  by  Lashonda Devaughn

Loves A Bitch 2 by Lashonda Devaughn
April 29th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 213 pages | ISBN: | 3.74 Mb

Braylin and Zy’lah had lived by the term, love conquers all. After years of lies, cheating, baby mama drama and even a suicide attempt, both ladies now see that its more important to find themselves before finding love. However, the hold that the men in their lives has on their hearts, no matter how violent or hurtful it is to stay, the ladies must figure out if they are strong enough to walk away or will that bitch called LOVE keep them stuck?

- Stuck in Love 2, by Sequaia ReedMeet Serenity, a beautiful woman who has always been loyal to all the wrong people. Her sassy personality is what attracted her husband Nelson but it was also what came between them. Working her marriage out was something that she took personal and she wasn’t giving up without contributing a hundred percent. Drama erupts and a marathon of events force Serenity’s hand. Especially when she realizes that some of the people in her life are not who they seem, even her own husband.

She’s forced to realize that being beautiful may get you the man you want, but it doesn’t always keep him. Will she ever find love or is being beautiful nothing more than a lie? - A Beautiful Lie, by LaShonda DeVaughnNot only did Neisha murder her abusive boyfriend Jerrod, but she also murdered her rapists, Jeremy and Donald Rothberg.

Fleeing from the heat, she finds herself in the Bahamas where she meets an attractive man named Joey. When Joey convinces Neisha that hes more than just a rich pretty boy, Neisha decides to give him a chance. Little did she know, he had secrets that hit closer to home than she thought.

Will Neisha be able to finally move beyond her sordid past or will everything she has done come back to haunt her, ten fold? – Love is a Killer (Forbidden Disaster), by Hannah Spivey

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